Delamain - Pale & Dry XO Quarter Bottle 20cl Bottle

Delamain - Pale & Dry XO Quarter Bottle 20cl Bottle

100% Grande Champagne. A blend of various old Grande Champagne cognacs. Each cognac is aged separately during many long years owing to their origin and then the blend itself, made at the end of the ageing period, is aged for two years more (marriage). Matured in well seasoned Limousin oak casks (350L) and cellared in old cellars near the river, more humid than dry. The blend at natural strength (around 50% vol.) is very slowly broken down at 40% with weak old Grande Champagne at 15% which enriches the blend. A style of delicacy, length, fruitiness and mellowness, a bouquet of power of the perfumes and a length of the fragrance. Floral scents, lingering aftertaste of vanilla (rancio). Mellowness, roundness, age. Intense fruitiness. A colour of extremely clear and bright, brilliant and velvety gold. 'Spirits Business Master 2010' Pale & Dry, 'Pale' because it is much paler than other cognacs of this age due to the natural pale colour of the cognacs used in the blend which are all matured in old casks and 'Dry' because it has only its natural sweetness. 'Delamain is one of the last family-owned Cognac houses. This is a beautiful old Cognac made using the best eau-de-vie from the Grande Champagne region - powerful, mellow and subtle, all at the same time. A heroic after-dinner treat.' Matthew Jukes Daily Mail 14 June 2008.

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Price: £ 24.95
Shipping: £ 5.49
Category: Cognac
Brand: Delamain
Merchant Name: TheDrinkShop
Size: 20cl


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