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Liqueurs are historically herbal medicines that were made by monks in Italy centuries ago. Liqueurs are beverages made from distilled alcohol by adding herbs, fruits, flavors, creams, flowers, spices and nuts. Alcohols are typically not much aged, but are given a relaxation time during manufacturing for the flavors to give their best taste.

The word liqueur comes from the word ‘liquifacere’ which means to liquefy or to melt.

During their long history, liqueurs have changed the way they were made, served and drank. These days, liqueurs are usually made by adding flavors, hers, or fruits in alcohol or are made by distilling an aromatic agent. 

Liqueurs are served in different ways. They may be served by themselves, may be accompanied by ice or coffee, or are mixed with creams or cocktails. It is your personal choice that how you want your liqueur to be served. Layered drinks are also made from liqueurs.

There is a large variety of liqueurs of different types of liqueurs available which include berry liqueurs, coffee liqueurs, cream liqueurs, fruit liqueurs, anise liqueurs, chocolate liqueurs etc.

Chocolate liqueurs, as the name suggests, are those liqueurs which have chocolate as their primary flavor. Chocolate liqueurs seem to be a new invention, but their mention is found in writings as old as 1660’s.

Cream liqueurs are liqueurs with dairy cream as one of their ingredients. They have comparatively shorter shelf life and are advised to be stored in refrigerators. Some examples of cream liqueurs are Baileys Irish Cream and Saint Brendan’s. 

Fruit liqueurs are also considered to be one of the most popular types of liqueurs. Fruit liqueurs are often used to prepare cocktails.

Anise liqueurs are liqueurs which are flavored to a large extent and change from transparent to cloudy on addition of water. This effect exhibited by anise liqueurs is known as ouzo effect.

The latest definitions of liqueurs are found in terms of their categories which include Rum, Whisky, Vodka, Gin, Aperitifs and Tequila among numerous others. Liqueurs usually have low alcohol content which range from 15% to 30 %, but some may have alcohol content as high as 55%.

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    • Galliano
    • Giffard
    • Grand Marnier
    • Heaven Hill
    • Heering
    • Hpnotiq
    • Illy
    • Jack Daniels
    • Jade
    • Jim Beam
    • Jules Gautret
    • Koskenkorva
    • Kwai Feh
    • La Maison Fontaine
    • Lanique
    • Lazzaroni
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    • Mozart
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    • Salvatore Calabrese
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    • Skillogalee
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    • The Bitter Truth
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