Buy Vodka Online at CompareTheDrinks.comVodka is one of the most famous and definitely the cleanest alcohol beverage in the world. It has a unique taste and nothing is even close to it when it comes to the purity. It is completely transparent and smells a lot like pure alcohol. For centuries it was a symbol of Russia, but other countries and cultures adopted it as well. Nowadays, some of the finest vodkas are being made in Poland, Finland and Germany.


Being such a universal beverage made vodka available both to be drank pure or inside some really nice cocktails. Suffice to say that maybe the best known cocktail in the world is vodka martini. For the people who tried it ever in their life, there is no real reason to explain much. It is enough to say Stolichnaya or Smirnoff and most of the people will know what it is all about.

Still, there are many more brands and countless versions of vodka available all around the world. It is arguably the most successful Russian product of all times. It goes perfectly if you take it neat, but it is also great to mix with various other beverages. Nowadays it is available both in the stores worldwide and you can also buy vodka online.

The online version provides better choice so it is the best solution if you can buy vodka online. Naturally, the online option covers all of the options so you can buy plain vodka online and you can also buy flavoured vodka online.

The main difference between these two options is that the plain vodka is as its name says just plain good old spirit, while the flavoured one can be quite different. It is mixed with all sorts of spices and aromas and the outcome can be pretty nice in all aspects. To be more precise, it is quite common that it comes with the mild aroma of lemon, without any sweeteners. This way it is quite lighter and easier to drink straight.

Still, modern consumers are pretty interested in experimenting so almost all imaginable aromas were added to make several different types of vodka. Amongst many others there are peach, watermelon and lime.

Plain vodka is usually classified by its purity and by the percentage of alcohol it has. The best are those with the purity of 80% or more and usually those which have 45% of the alcohol are considered to be the better.

Most widely used is the one that has 40% of the alcohol and already mentioned brands Stolichnaya and Smirnoff are the most popular in the world. There is almost impossible to imagine a bar that doesn’t have them in their offer. So, if you want to have those great beverages at your home, it is best if you can buy plain vodka online or buy flavoured vodka online since this will allow you to choose and to spare both some money and some time.

One thing is certain, no matter which option you decide to go for. The fun will be immense during parties where vodka is involved.

  • Brands
    • 42 Below
    • Absolut
    • Aivy
    • Babicka
    • Balkan
    • Beluga
    • Belvedere
    • Cariel
    • Chopin
    • Ciroc
    • Cold River
    • Davna
    • Eristoff
    • Fair
    • Finlandia
    • General John Stark
    • Green Mark
    • Grey Goose
    • Hangar One
    • High West
    • Ketel One
    • Koskenkorva
    • Kulov
    • Latvijas Balzam
    • Luksusowa
    • Mamont
    • Marquis
    • Oddka
    • Polmos Jozefow
    • Polmos Lubushka
    • Polmos Siedlce
    • Potocki
    • Roberto Cavalli
    • Russian Standard
    • Sacred
    • Sipsmith
    • Smirnoff
    • Soplica
    • Square One
    • Staritsky Levitsky
    • Stolichnaya
    • Uluvka
    • V Gallery
    • Van Gogh
    • Wyborowa
    • Zubrowka

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