Buy Gin Online at CompareTheDrinks.comAt present, people have started to explore the online world and buying alcohol online is one of the popular ways to keep stock in hand during any special parties or occasions.  Out of many alcoholic products, Gin is a Dutch product and it is making a successful come-back on the cocktail circuit. It is essential to know that Gin seems to have originated in Netherlands and it is referred to as original martini maker. Moreover, there are many innovative brands introduced in the market such as Tanqueray London Dry Gin, Gordons Gin & Tonic, Sipsmith London Dry Gin, Beefeater London Dry Gin and much more.

Also, it is believed that gin has the power of curing stomach upsets and few people consider it as a tonic. Additionally, the Gin is classified into seven different types such as Navy Strength Gin, London Dry Gin, New Western Style Gin, Old Tom Gin, Plymouth Dry Gin, Dutch Gin and much more.  

Dry Gin: In general, dry gin is one of the common gin that is been widely used in cocktail mixing. Subsequently, this gin has around 40 to 45 percent alcohol level and it can be used as simple syrup with a little sweetness.

Dutch Gin: This amazing drink is referred as a sipping gin with a grain flavour and it is extremely popular among the poor & working class.

The spirit manufacturers make use of few special botanical assortments such as coriander, orange peel, nutmeg, lemon, orris root, cassia bark, cubeb berries, grains of paradise, etc. Apart from this, they add natural grain spirit which is typically distilled from a corn or wheat. It is estimated that around 6-10 botanicals are mainly used in the gin drink and the botanicals produce superior results than ever before. Further, Juniper is one of the main essential ingredients and it is generally harvested in Umbria and Tuscany. Few reports have stated that the medicinal properties of Juniper have been globally recognized and documented for centuries.

After adding all the contents into the base, distillers complete the recipe and the spirit extracts the essential oils from the botanicals finally adhering to the spirit. Further, Gin has been produced for many centuries and they hold a rich history over the years. Actually gin is a clear distillate with a strong flavour of 40% of minimum alcohol and contains juniper berry. Now, popular mixed drinks have gained much popularity in the recent years and the drinks manufacturers come out with new exciting combinations. Subsequently, the amazing less acholic drink (Gin) is recognized in two forms such as distilled and compound.

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