Rose Wine

Rose wine covers a large category of wines such as Rosado, rosato or blush. All these terms actually refer to pink wine where the shade of wine can vary from a soft subtle pink hue to a fiery red pinkish color depending on the amount of time, the grape skins were left in contact with the wine juice. These wines can be made either in a bone dry style or a sweet off dry style with most European roses made quite dry to taste.

Some of the red grape varieties used for manufacturing rose wine include, Merlot, Grenache, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, Tempranillo, Zinfandel and Pinot Noir. Either these grapes are used singularly or in blends with each other. Moreover, the grapes are dependent on the origin of wine. For example, Rosado wines from Spain are made more from Garnacha and Tempranillo grapes while Sangiovese from Italy migrates more towards Rosata production and US wines prefer Zinfandel and Merlot variants. The red color of this wine comes from the amount of time, grape skins are allowed to contact with the wine distillate. More the time allowed deeper is the color. Sparkling rose wine is made by combining white and red wines.

Rose wines are usually much more subtle in their flavors as opposed to red wines with fruity flavors leaning in towards cherry, raspberry, strawberry and citric punches. You can find all these flavors and much more on and buy rose wine online at the best rates anywhere.


  • Brands
    • A Mano
    • Alpha Zeta
    • Altozano
    • Arpeggio
    • Beronia
    • Bisol
    • Buitenverwachting
    • Caliterra
    • Campillo
    • Capezzana
    • Castillo del Moro
    • Centelleo
    • Chateau Beaulieu
    • Chateau de Pampelonne
    • Cillar de Silos
    • Colombo
    • Concha y Toro
    • DeMorgenzon
    • Domaines ott
    • Duboeuf
    • Esk Valley
    • Famille Perrin
    • Fetzer Valley Oaks
    • Grant Burge
    • Groot Constantia
    • Guado al Tasso
    • Kim Crawford
    • Kourtaki
    • Langlois
    • M. Chapoutier
    • Marques de Caceres
    • Marques de Riscal
    • Mas La Chevaliere
    • Masi
    • Mooiplaas
    • Pascal Jolivet
    • Peter Lehmann
    • Planeta
    • Poggiotondo
    • Proprieta Sperino
    • Pulenta Estate
    • Rivera
    • Saint Clair
    • Skillogalee
    • Southbank Estate
    • Torres
    • Turkey Flat
    • Vinas Del Vero

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