Buy Sherry Online at CompareTheDrinks.comSherry is definitely one very specific wine. It comes from the Spain, the area called Jerez de la Frontera, in the province of Andalusia. It was a favourite wine of William Shakespeare and Christopher Columbus and thanks to these two worldwide famous men; it got its place amongst the most significant wines in the world.

Still, for some time it wasn’t so popular outside of the Spain but in the later years it takes more and more of the market share and becomes one of the most significant wines amongst the people of refined taste.

There are several versions of Sherry and the varieties range from fresh white ones to the dark aged ones which were left to further oxidise in the wooden barrels. So, it is fair to say that the abundance of varieties is something that characterizes Sherry and that there simply must be a variety that will suit any taste.

Before the phylloxera epidemic in 1894, over 100 varieties of the grapes were used to produce Sherry. Since then, there are only 3 varieties left that are being used nowadays. The Palomino is mainly used for the white light varieties of the Sherry, while the Pedro Ximenez and Moscatel are usually dried on the sun for two days and then put in to the process to obtain a higher percentage of the sugar in it.

The pressing of the grapes in order to make a must is done 3 times. The first pressing gives the must that will be later on fermented in to the Fino or Manzanilla, the second pressing is for making the Oloroso and the third is used to make some lesser wines or vinegar.

The process is rather complicated and the final product is something that is simply amazing and deserves the reputation it has. Still, after the fermentation of the must, there is still a long way until the Sherry is finished and ready for bottling.

After the wine has fermented in the stainless steel pots, it is fortified with the distilled grape alcohol to increase its strength. The fortification is brought to 15% to 17.5%of the alcohol depending on the type and left to age in the oak barrels. The North American oak is used for this as it is less absorbing than the French or Spanish oak.

The aging lasts for at least 3 years, although there are usually some wines in the mixture that are significantly older than that. The final product is nothing short than perfect and it brings quite a unique pleasure.

Since there are a lot of the Sherry varieties, the best way to get the top quality product is to buy Sherry online. This allows you to pick amongst various brands and some of them are truly special. Naturally, although Sherry is protected brand in Spain, there are some similar wines that are made elsewhere in the world and if you decide to buy Sherry online you will have the opportunity to include even those brands in the selection.

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