Buy Absinthe Online at CompareTheDrinks.com. Absinthe is definitely one of the most mysterious spirits and one that has a rather impressive reputation and history. Namely, this incredible beverage was a source of inspiration for many famous artists from the 19th century. The whole bohemian movement was marked by its excessive usage and some of the world’s most famous poets and painters were using absinthe on a daily basis.

 This spirit is a bit different than any other alcoholic drink in the world. It is made of various herbs and spices and it is rather aromatic and interesting on many levels. Also, this is one of the rare beverages that are completely natural since the artificial flavours and dyes are almost never added to it.

Usually, absinthe is green in colour, although there are some cases that it is a colourless beverage. The green colour comes from the various herbs that are involved in its distilling. Its name comes from the Artemisia absinthium, a plant that is also known under the name of great wormwood and is one of the most important ingredients for making the absinthe.

It is a rather stiff drink as the percentage of the alcohol in it is really high. Usually, it includes the whole ritual including the cubes of sugar and icy cold water for drinking it. All of that together is pretty interesting and tickles the imagination. Naturally, many people are consuming it because that almost ritual experience it provides. There are some brands that have sugar already added in it, but the original absinthe is made without any sugar added at all.

Nowadays, it is a worldwide spread phenomenon and is sold and produced all over the world in many variations, so nowadays there are versions which are red, blue or even black. Still, the real old fashioned absinthe is green. It is pretty much available everywhere, although there are some countries that have prohibited usage f the original absinthe. Besides liquor stores, you can buy absinthe online. The internet offers all possible brands and since this is a quite exotic and not too usual beverage. So, the offer in the conventional or specialized stores is quite limited. If you decide to buy absinthe online, you will get to choose from all possible brands and variants. Pernot is one of the most famous versions and also a rather widespread brand, but when it comes to the more exclusive brands and types, the internet is simply impossible to avoid.

The herbs in the absinthe interacting with the sugar and the icy cold water during the traditional way of consumption can cause hallucinations and this is the reason why this drink is so popular and so specific. Instead of getting you plastered and unconscious, the absinthe has the ability to cause the euphoria and hallucinations in some cases. As it is already said, many famous pieces of art were made under the intoxication caused by absinthe. These hallucinations earned the green fairy nickname to absinthe and it is quite often called by this name.

  • Brands
    • Butterfly
    • Combier
    • Distilleries Provence
    • Emile Pernot
    • Francois Guy
    • Hapsburg
    • Jade
    • La Fee
    • La Maison Fontaine
    • Paul Devoille
    • Pernod
    • Trenet

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