Cider is a term used for any fermented alcoholic drink made exclusively from apple juice or extract. The alcohol content in cider can vary anywhere from 2% to 8.5% ABV. While the English like to call cider a type of beer, other regions such as Germany and America like to categorize cider as an apple wine. On a side note, hard cider is the term specifically used in United States and Canada for alcoholic beverage while cider alone refers to fruit extract with sugar only. 

Although, traditionally, cider was made from any type of apple, in the past few cultivators started growing specific types of apples for making cider, these were aptly named as cider apples. Based on per capita consumption, cider is most famous in the United Kingdom and hence boasts of the largest producers of cider as well. In 2006, 600 million liters of cider was produced in the UK alone. East Anglia and South West England are two places where cider trumps porter, stout and lager consumption. Moreover, cider is classified in UK as a type of beer.

Moving a little towards the North of UK, Ireland too loves cider. France, Spain, Germany, Argentina and Tasmania all love cider with this drink being popular in specific parts of these countries. When cider is made from pears instead of apples, it is nicknamed as perry or pear cider by the producers.

Cider may come under beer categorization in few countries, but the fact that this alcoholic concoction is made from apples means that it is sweeter than actual beer. Accordingly, cider can be categorized anywhere between dry and sweet. Moreover, the appearance varies based on brand name from crystal clear, bubbly to orange or brown. This difference in color arises primarily because of filtration changes such as that observed during fermentation and pressing. There are few types of apples that produce clear filtration results. Today, both sparkling and still ciders are available although the sparkling version is more abundant.

Cider mass-produced today resembles sparkling wine a lot in its appearance. The traditional brands are actually cloudier and darker. Compared to other mass produced alcoholic drinks, cider is much stronger and tastier. Inexpensive and friendly for occasions, white cider is slowly becoming popular for its stronger alcoholic content.

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