Buy Cognac Online from It is almost impossible to imagine a man from the upper class that isn’t drinking cognac. Naturally, it comes with a pretty good reason. This is a very old beverage that has a history closely connected to the aristocracy of the French Golden Age. Still, this is all but a local product. It is a part of the international culture and it is ever-present everywhere where the people of a discerning taste are.


The cognac is first made in France and even nowadays only few brave manufacturers outside this country dare to take the challenge of making it. It is a long and pretty complicated process so it requires a lot of skill and above all, a lot of patience. Furthermore, it is protected by very strict laws so only certain parts of France can distil it and under strict limitations concerning ingredients, distilling process and aging.

Naturally, these incredibly strict rules guarantee the top quality and even the cheapest of cognacs are indeed very special. Suffice to say that the minimal ageing for the cognac is 2 years in the limousine oak barrels. Most of them spend a lot more time in aging process and some are even several decades old.

You can buy cognac online and these offers contain some really special offers. Namely, there is a significant difference between cognac classes and variety of brands, classes and distilleries provide quite a wide choice.

Basically, the cognacs can be put in to VS, VSOP, OX and prestige classes. If you buy VS cognac online, it means that you will be spending the least money for a pretty decent product. Still, a lot more is offered as the class rises. All of these classes determine the minimal aging time before it can be sent to the market. The VS stands for Very Special. The VSOP insignia means Very Superior Old Pale and this cognac needs to age at least 4 years before being marketed. Still, in most of the cases this period is quite longer. Naturally, you can buy VSOP cognac online at a better price than in the stores.

The XO insignia stands for Extra Old and this cognac has to be aged at least six years. From 2016 this limit will be pushed to 10 years and these cognacs are really something special. You can buy XO cognac online and the variety of brands available this way is simply amazing.

Finally, the internet has some really special cognacs to offer. Namely, you can buy cognac prestige there and these bottles are true gems. Actually, some of them cost a real fortune as there are bottles worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. These are the rare specimens, and some of them are even several hundreds of years old. Of course, the rarest the cognac is the more expensive it will be.

Still, no matter if you wish to buy XO cognac online, or you wish to buy VS cognac online, you will be getting the chance to see even some breathtaking options. Naturally, if you are rich enough you can even buy cognac prestige and get the taste of the centuries passed saved in the bottle of this magnificent beverage.

  • Brands
    • Asbach
    • Audry
    • Cognac Leyrat
    • Courvoisier
    • De Luze
    • Delamain
    • Fogolar
    • Francois Voyer
    • Frapin
    • Godet
    • Hennessy
    • Hine
    • Jules Gautret
    • Keo
    • Le Reviseur
    • Lepanto
    • Louis Royer
    • Lustau
    • Martell
    • Metaxa
    • Osborne
    • Pedro Domecq
    • Petrides
    • Pierre Ferrand
    • Polignac
    • Remy Martin
    • Romate
    • Three Barrels
    • Van Ryn
    • Vecchia Romagna

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