Irish Whiskey

Buy Irish Whiskey Online -Whiskey is a pretty popular beverage in all countries around the globe and it is considered that it is originated from the Great Britain. The most famous whiskeys in the world are the Scotch and the Irish whiskey. The later one is defined differently than the single malt Scotch and it allows a bit more freedom when distilling it.

The rules were defined in the 1980 and before that, the whole field of operations was rather undefined. Nowadays it is pretty different and we have some serious regulations imposed by the state that guarantee the quality and are protecting the brand from plagiarism.

The most important rule when it comes to the Irish whiskey is that it has to be distilled in Ireland. The second rule is that it has to be distilled to the total volume of alcohol less than 94.8% although it usually varies from 40% which is quite drinkable mixture to this maximum value which is hardly imaginable for drinking without watering it down. It has to be aged at least three years in wooden caskets and if several different whiskeys are blended together before bottling it has to be labelled as blended Irish whiskey. The distilling process is usually performed in the pot stills.

The final product is in vast majority of cases simply perfect and it is extremely popular all over the world. It can easily compete with the American bourbon or Scotch whisky in terms of quality and the refined aroma. So, it is no wonder that many people prefer it compared to the other similar beverages.

Naturally, these pretty loose rules allow a lot of the different variations and there are quite a lot of various Irish whiskies. The major groups are: single grain whiskey, single malt whiskey, blended whiskey and single pot still whiskey. These groups differ pretty much by the process of getting the final product and the raw materials used so some of them are made out of pure unmalted grain while the others use the malt as the raw material. Finally, the blended whiskey means that most of those different types are mixed together to get a better product.

The final consequence is presence of so many varieties on the market that is pretty hard to decide which one to try and even if you make that decision there is no guarantee that the local stores in your vicinity will have that type of whiskey to sell you. So, the internet offers a pretty neat solution so you can buy Irish whiskey online. If you decide to pursue this method and to buy Irish whiskey online, you will have the liberty to chose amongst all possible variations without need to go anywhere from your home. These orders are delivered directly to your doorstep and that saves a lot of time. Additionally, it saves some money as well since the online purchases are in most of the cases much cheaper than when you shop in the classic liquor stores. So, all you have to do is to surf the internet and buy Irish whiskey online in order to please your senses to the maximum. 


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