Buy Cordials, Mead and Tonic Wine Online at CompareTheDrinks.comChose by Brand/Producer such as Monin, Coco Lopez, Wray and Nephew, De Kuyper and others. Under this category, you can buy mead, wine tonic and cordials online from Comparethedrinks. Although, the three names refer to different types of alcohol or alcohol based drinks, they are grouped together because of similar demand and usage.


This word originates from Old English that describes its roots incisively. Also called as honey wine, this alcoholic beverage is usually made by the fermentation of honey and water, often mixed with grain mash. Mash is removed afterwards before it is bottled. In the past, local traditions and particular recipe requirements needed mead to be flavored with fruits, hops or spices. Hop produces a bitter taste like beer while the other additives give it a sweet tooth. ABV ranges from 8% to 18% for mead and it can be served either still, naturally sparkling, dry, sweet or carbonated.

Even though the exact origins of this drink are lost in history, it can be safely said to be prevalent through all of Europe, Asia and Africa through the medieval and early ages of human civilization. Some historians consider this to be the father of all fermented drinks, even suggesting that it probably predates soil cultivation.

Wine Tonic

Wine tonic is not to be confused with wine even though it bears resemblance to wine production. In fact today, it is manufactured using many of the same ingredients necessary for wine production although based on a traditional recipe predating to France. It is said that the first people to brew this concoction were the Benedictine monks of Buckfast Abbey in the 1890s. Sold as a medicinal tonic back then, it gather a lot of interest from the public and media until its medicinal values were disproved.


Maybe in the past, brewers differentiated between cordials and liqueur but today the two terms are used synonymously. This is a type of alcoholic beverage that features heavy flavoring of herbs, spices, cream, flowers, nuts, fruits and sweetened over the top using sugar. Obviously, this alcoholic drink is quite sweet and as it is bottled young, flavors stand out distinctly.

Today, it may not be easy distinguishing cordials from flavored spirits because of many new variants to otherwise old classifications of alcohol, the most reliable guide to differentiate liqueur from other alcoholic beverages is the addition of sugar. On a worthy side note, dessert wines are not to be confused with cordials although they taste much like liqueur without any added sugar. A few brands may boast of high BV content of 55% but most prefer keeping it below 30% ABV.

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