Buy Calvados Online at Calvados is one of the most interesting spirits to be found anywhere in the world. It has a very long history since the apple cider brandy was made in France even during the rule of the Charlemagne, in the times when the France didn’t even existed as the independent country. Still, the same people lived there as they live today and that means that they had the same approach to brewing and distilling spirits.


As the result of that orientation towards the perfection, the Calvados was born. It is a rather specific brandy. First of all, it is distilled under very strict regulations and it has a rather specific taste. It is enough to say that it will be hard to find anything even remotely similar to it anywhere in the world, except for the France, of course.

The distilling process is a bit complicated since there are two different methods used. The first method includes only one distillation in the column stills, while the other includes repeated process in the pot stills. Still, the first step is the same for both of the methods. Namely, the apples are processed to gain the apple cider and it is fermented for not less than six weeks before it can go to the distillery. Also, there is a list of 200 eligible sorts of apples that can be used for production of calvados. Finally, there are certain areas in France that can produce Calvados and it is prohibited for production anywhere else.

After the distillation is over, Calvados needs to be aged for at least two years before it is put on the market. Of course, some of the Calvados are being aged for a lot longer period of time and blended afterwards before bottling. Some of the producers use even up to 100 apple varieties to produce this beverage and that guarantees a beverage that is more a piece of art than anything else.

Depending on how old the youngest component of Calvados is, it gets classified as Fine, Vieux, VO or XO. For Fine, the minimum aging time is 2 years, for Vieux at least three years, for VO at least four and for XO at least 6 years. XO Calvados is often aged much longer than the minimum six years.

All of these variations make impossible for any single store to have them all. So, the internet comes as the logical solution for this. You can buy Calvados online easily and the selection is incredibly wide. There are even some really rare pieces to be found this way without need to travel across the globe looking for something incredibly special. It is enough to look at the offers and something worthy of attention will appear soon enough. You can this way buy Calvados online and save the time and the transportation costs to the minimum.

If you do decide to take this approach and buy Calvados online, you will get the chance to taste something that is almost a liquid poetry at a very reasonable price.

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