Buy Beer Online at CompareTheDrinks.comBeer was the earliest alcoholic drink known to civilization but it is still unknown who had tasted the first beer. Moreover, beer is the first product that humans made from water and grain before learning to prepare bread. The first people to prepare beer were Babylonians. They prepared the drink so seriously that they did not hesitate to punish for a bad batch of beer. Their punishment for bad batch is drowning the person to death in the same batch. 

People of every culture follow their own method of preparing beer by using various grains. Maize, millet and cassava are the main ingredients used by Africans. Chinese make use of wheat. Japanese make use of rice in preparing beer.  Egyptians always use barley to prepare their own version of drink-beer. Hops are one of the modern ingredients, which were not used until 1000 AD.

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Porter is categorized by a flavor line, which can range from fine dark malts to wholly roasted, murky flavors.  In 1700s the drink of the oodles or the most favorite drink in London city was porter.  In regard to style and taste, there have been wide disparities from one brewer’s elucidation to the other. Stout is the weightiest and strongest beers in a brewer’s collection. It is actually a stronger translation of porter that is available in various types, dry stout, flavored stout, flavored porter, imperial stout, oatmeal stout, sweet stout, etc. Buy stout and porter online to enjoy its unique texture and taste.

Lagers are refreshing clean beers with classically light flavor and aroma. They are mostly served cold and go well with large variety of food. Lager is cold and efficient that involves certain traditional brewing methods to ferment them.  Pale lager is the highly consumer lager beer. Buy lager online to quench your thirst with just a click.

Buy cider online with choosing from great brands like Gaymers, Briska, Henry Wiston, Magners Original and more. Cider most commonly referred as fermented apple drink holds ABV of up to 8.5%.  The hard cider is the actual alcoholic drink widely popular in Canada and United States. Some people consider this beverage under wine category, while most support under beer for its extra fruit, sugar and secondary fermentation.   

Ale is considered the traditional alcoholic beverage that is still consumed today. There are various types of ale like brown ale, pale ale, burton ale, mild ale, old ale, scotch ale, Belgian ale and more. Buy ale online at a cheap price. Moreover, you can select from leading brands like Shepherd Neame, Oakham Ales, etc.

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