Buy Pisco Online at CompareTheDrinks.comPisco is a very nice grape brandy and it is being made exclusively in Chile and Peru. It has a pretty long and a pretty turbulent history since various setbacks were experienced through the long centuries of its existence. It was first made by the Spanish settlers in nowadays Chile and Peru to replace the orujo. Since that time it expanded and was almost extinct on several occasions.


It was a very popular beverage always, but during the American civil war the vineyards were almost completely destroyed and replaced with the cotton fields. Also, an earthquake in 17th century completely destroyed the wine industry in Peru and that was one more significant setback. After that, the production of Pisco only grows and it is pretty much available everywhere in the world nowadays. There is also a possibility to buy Pisco online nowadays.

There are two basic types of Pisco: the Peruvian and the Chilean. They differ pretty much in taste which is the consequence of different technology used.

Chilean Pisco is made out of 3 possible sorts of grapes: Muscat, Torontel and Pedro Jiménez. It is double distilled and aged in wooden barrels after that, except for the variety that is being diluted with water. The taste is not too strong because of that and that Pisco is of the lowest quality. There are 4 quality grades of the Chilean Pisco: Pisco Corriente o Tradicional (30% - 35% of alcohol), Pisco Especial (35% - 40% of alcohol), Pisco Reservado (40% of alcohol) and Gran Pisco (above 43% of alcohol).

There are no special limitations for making Chilean Pisco except that the only three mentioned sorts of grapes can be used in the process.

Peruvian Pisco is somewhat different. Than the Chilean since it is distilled in the single copper stills and it is not diluted after the distillation. The specific technology of making Peruvian Pisco also includes returning the first distilled quantity of each batch back to the stills and that gives a stronger character to this beverage.

Since the Peruvian manufacturers used all kinds of grapes for distilling Pisco a lot of differences were present amongst the various manufacturers. So, this made the marketing of it pretty tricky and some regulations had to be imposed in order to make commercial success. Amongst the most interesting regulations are those that no additives of any kind are allowed and that every Pisco has to be aged at least 3 months in the vessels that will not alter it in any way.

These regulations lead to the classification of Peruvian Pisco in four groups. Puro or Pure is made out of a single sort of grapes. Aromáticas or Aromatic is also made out of a single sort of grapes but it is restricted to Muscat, Albilla, Torontell or the sorts derived from them. Mosto Verde or Green Must Pisco is distilled from a must that hasn’t fermented completely. Finally, there is Acholado or Half-breed Pisco and this one allows distilling from a mixture of various grapes.

All of this diversity makes online shopping almost mandatory. Simply, there is not a store that can storage all possible kinds of Pisco so if you wish to have a good choice, you simply have to buy Pisco online.

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