Buy Cachaca Online at Cachaca is not so famous drink outside Brazil, but it is nevertheless one of the finest spirits to be found worldwide. It is distilled from the fermented sugar cane juice, and is a very common ingredient of many very famous cocktails. Although it is pretty much similar to the rum, the difference is quite significant. Namely, the rum is mainly distilled from the molasses while for the Cachaca the fresh fermented sugar cane juice is used. Some of the finest rums are also distilled this way so the Cachaca is also sometimes called the Brazilian rum.


Its usage is not too excessive outside the Brazil, but in that country it is definitely the most widely used spirit. Some 1.5 billion litres are used in Brazil on a yearly basis while the export is only some 15 million litres. Still, as the time passes, Cachaca becomes more and more popular, especially in various cocktails that are simply great in every single aspect. Caipirinha is definitely the best known of these cocktails and it is extremely popular in the entire world.

The distilling process of Cachaca is a rather simple one and it is not too hard to produce. Simply, the fermented sugar cane juice is distilled in the pot stills and the final product is a colourless spirit that pretty much resembles on rum. From that point, there are two separate ways that the production process can take. In the first case, the spirit produced is simply bottled right away and that kind of Cachaca is quite the same as the white rum. The application is also pretty much the same and it is often used to make cocktails. Naturally, it can be drunk neat as well.

The second way that the process can take means that the fresh Cachaca has to be put in to wooden barrels for further ageing. This allows all sorts of combinations since the barrels can be made out of various wood. This can pretty much determine the future taste of the beverage and it can be influenced on various levels and to different extent.

Regular Cachaca is aged for around a year in order to polish its taste, while premium Cachaca has to be aged at least 3 years. Some of the exclusive premium brands are even aged for 15 years. These premium variants are meant to be drunk neat. You can buy Cachaca online no matter which kind of it you prefer.

Since there are some 40,000 producers of this great beverage in all parts of Brazil, the offer is naturally very wide and there are so many brands that it is simply impossible to find all of them in one place. So, the internet is more than a logical option when it comes to purchases. If you decide to buy Cachaca online it will allow you to pick from various brands and to get the best deal possible. Also, when you buy Cachaca online, you will most probably save some money since the internet offers are usually much cheaper than the regular ones.

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    • Abelha
    • Boca Loca
    • Cana Rio
    • Germana
    • Leblon
    • Moleca
    • Pitu
    • Sagatiba
    • Terra Dourada
    • Velho Barreiro

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