Buy Apertifts/Vermouths Online at CompareTheDrinks.com. An Aperitif is an alcoholic drink which is usually served before a meal, sometimes as an appetizer or with the appetizer. Appetizer stimulates the person’s appetite. Aperitif is a French word derived from the Latin name aperire which means to open. This drink is usually bitter, sweet and serves as an opener or warm up to the meal. It contains 14 to 20% of alcohol content in it. They are often served in little quantities and tastes best when served in 35 to degrees Fahrenheit . This Aperitif originated in France but has gained wide acceptance in other areas as well. White wines are the common choice for Aperitif. An Aperitif can be a specific beverage or mixed with cocktails with several elements. The purpose of serving Aperitif: To refersh your guests and increase their apetite, for relaxation, foe celebration and to welcome your guests.

Characteristics of Aperitifs are it is Lively, fresh, lighter in body, cool, so they are refreshing. Types of Apperitifs are: The most common of Aperitif is Vermouth, Campari. Campari is a thick red bitter drink which is mixed with soda. Another choice for Aperitif is Dubonnet. It is available in both red and white kind. Dubonnet is primarily made in France but grew popularity and is now produced in United states by securing a wine with brandy.

There is no one particular drink served as an aperitif. You can serve anything which varies region to region. Here are some examples of drinks you can serve as an aperitif. Light bodied white wines, flavoured wine-based drinks, light beer, Rose wine etc.

Whatever you choose to add an aperitif to your evening will definitely make your evening excited, comfortable and eager for the yummy meal to come.

Vermouth: Vermouth is a fortified liquor made from wine, which use different herbs to add flavor. It is a liquor made from wine and often referred to as fortified wine. A fortified wine usually has alcohol in it to increase the energy. The name came from a german name wermutkraut which means wormwood plant. Wormwood, an herb which helps the wine a different floavur. Vermouth is used as medicine till 19th century and later became an important element in cocktails. This is used as an Aperitif or a cocktail and sometimes used as a replacement for white wine in cooking. There are two main types of vermouth dry and sweet.


Dry vermouth is used in cocktails whereas the sweet one in Aperitifs. A semi-sweet version is used between the two and is used as a mixer. Dry Vermouth has approximately 18% of alcohol while the sweet ones have around 15%of alcohol. How is it produced? The manufacturer adds alcohol with aromatic herbs to the wine. After the wine is fortified and aromatized the Vermouth is sweetened by adding cane sugar or caramel depending on the style. The largest manufacturers are Italian and French companies.

Different wine grapes which include Piquepoul, Catarratto and Trebbiano are used as main elements in Vermouth. From these a white wine with low alcohol is produced from the manufacturing companies. This is aged for a short while before adding other elements. Sugar syrup is added with extra alcohol before fortifying and is placed in large barrels where the mixture of dry elements is placed. This mixture has to be mixed till the dry elements are absorbed. And now the drink is ready for bottling. Dry elements used in this are usually cinnamon, ginger, citrus peel, coves etc. Sugar content in sweet vermouth is 10 to 15% whereas in dry is less than 4%. Usage: Vermouth is widely used in cocktails. When drinking vermouth as it is, it is an Aperitif and sometimes also drunk as digestif.



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