Buy Armagnac online at The France is well known as the nation that possesses a very refined taste when it comes to almost anything. Naturally, this had some really nice and quite recognizable products as its result. The Armagnac is definitely one of the very special beverages and it is considered to be the first French spirit, since it was distilled even before the cognac.

It is limited only for the area called Armagnac in the French province of Gascony. Naturally, it got the name after the area where it is produced. The distilling process is somewhat different from the process used for cognac. It is distilled from the wine of a so called Armagnac blend. Namely, 4 different sorts of wine go in to the blend and it is then further distilled. 

The very distilling process is a lot different than with the cognac. Column stills are used for distilling the Armagnac, which is pretty much different than with cognac which is distilled in pot stills. Also, the Armagnac is usually distilled only once. The alcohol gained this way is a bit rougher and much less refined than when making cognac, but the aging process is quite longer and the final product is nothing short than perfect.

Armagnac has a rather long and complicated aging process and a lot of care is needed until it reaches the market. The spirits produced during the distillation process are poured in to the oak barrels and the ageing is at least 2 years long. In most of the cases it is longer since it is kept in the oak barrels until it reaches 40% of alcohol level. After that it goes in large glass bottles and the ageing is finished.

There are 4 grades of the Armagnac blends. The VS is the lowest grade Armagnac and it means that the youngest component is at least 2 years old. VSOP grade means that the youngest component is at least five years old and the XO stands for the Armagnac of at least 6 years of age. Finally, the best one is Hors d'age and this mixture has the youngest component at least 10 years old. Older and better Armagnac isn’t mixed and is usually sold as vintage.

All of these options can be pretty easily found on the web so it is bet to buy Armagnac online. There is at least one great reason for this approach. Namely, the Armagnac market isn’t ruled by the big companies. Instead of that there are numerous small distilleries and that makes the Armagnac offer incredibly wide. To be more precise, there are so many brands and types of the Armagnac that there simply is no liquor store big enough to put them all in. Also, it is a rather exotic drink so many people don’t even know about it, which is shame since it is really something special.

Besides great taste, the Armagnac is very well known for its benefits to health. The oldest written records about its benefits to health date from the 14th century and research conducted by the University of Bordeaux in 2007 confirmed what was known for centuries. So, buy Armagnac online and enjoy one of the greatest drinks in the world. It is quite safe.

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