Ready to drink (RTD)

Buy Ready to Drinks Online at CompareTheDrinks.comChose by Brand/Producer such as Bacardi, Smirnoff, WKD, Morgans Spiced and many others. The term RTD is not just used to describe alcohol based beverages with mixed flavors but just about any kind of beverage that uses additives to hide its unassuming taste. RTDs or ready to drink alcohol is mostly served in packaged format that does not require any preparation at all. Simply open the bottle and start gulping.

RTD is used predominantly for removing the need to prepare an alcoholic concoction. Those who lack the time to prepare their drink can simply sip on this readymade alcoholic beverage. Moreover, alcohol mixed with fruit juice and soft drinks tends to be better appreciated by the fairer sex.

After Iced tea, Alcopop or Alcholoic RTDs are ranked number two in terms of global consumption and demand. A few countries ban the sale of RTDs or Alcopops such as Islamic countries either for religious reasons or cultural beliefs. The two most commonly used bases for preparing RTDs are vodka and rum. Here on you shall find a suitable collection of RTDs. Whether you choose to buy flavoured rum or buy flavoured vodka, you shall find sufficient brands to make a educated purchase. Most notable of all Ready To Drink brands are Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Smirnoff Ice, Bacardi Breezer, Jack Daniel’s Hard Cola, Skyy Blue and Six Degrees.


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