Eau De Vie

Buy Eau De Vie Online at CompareTheDrinks.comEau de vie is definitely one of the most refreshing spirits in the world. Many similar drinks are being produced all over the world, but the French variants are definitely the most recognizable under this name.


The term eau de vie literally means the water of life and since it is very refreshing and quite potent spirit this name is pretty well deserved. The distillation process is not too complicated at all. Simply, the ripe fruit are being fermented and distilled twice. This way, the eau de vie becomes stronger when it comes to the alcohol and it is basically ready to be bottled.

In vast majority of the cases, there is no ageing whatsoever. Still, some of the producers do age their eau de vie in glass containers or wooden barrels before bottling it. Aging in the glass containers somewhat polishes and refines the taste while ageing in wooden barrels pretty much changes the taste completely. The fruit aroma is usually not too strong after the distillation process is over so the wooden barrels can interfere with their own aroma, especially if they are new. The colour also changes significantly if the ageing is conducted in wooden barrels. Regular eau de vie is transparent spirit.

The raw materials used can be various. Simply, almost any fruit can be used to make eau de vie although the most famous of these beverages are made out of peach (peche), pear (de poire), apple (pomme) and yellow plum (mirabelle). All of the variants have a mild but quite distinctive aroma, depending of the fruit used. Also, it can be made out of pomace and then it is called the pomace brandy or marc.

Eau de vie de poire can be aged in wooden barrels to produce Calvados but this demands that it is made in a certain region and under some strict regulations concerning the raw materials. Plum brandy is also often aged in the wooden barrel to get its golden yellow colour and certain additional aroma.

All in all, the distilling process is not too complicated and the final product is quite delicious and worthy of trying. Since there are so many varieties and many producers, the eau de vie comes in pretty much countless variations. Because of this, if you wish to have a good choice between variations and brands, you should buy eau de vie online. This is much easier way and you can make some really nice deals from the financial aspect as well.

Eau de vie is usually consumed as a digestive, but it can be really used in all situations. It is usually served in form of shots since it is pretty strong. Also, because of its fruity aroma, it is not too often used in cocktails. It is more of a drink that is to be drunk neat.

Eau de vie is strictly French beverage, but all sorts of its variations can be found in many countries all over the world. So, if you wish to enjoy something really refreshing and nice, buy eau de vie online and taste the freshness that no other alcoholic beverage possesses.

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