Buy Poteen Online at CompareTheDrinks.comPoteen is definitely a spirit that has one of the most infamous histories amongst all alcoholic beverages. It was illegal for many years in Ireland where it is originated from. Still, its production never really stopped and despite the bans it managed to survive through history.


Original Poteen is also the strongest alcoholic beverage that was mass used since it is distilled to have 60% to 90% of alcohol. Naturally, this strong beverage ought to have some really nasty consequences on the consumers. Additionally, since the distilling process is rather primitive, if the equipment wasn’t of the best quality and if it was distilled by a person that wasn’t too skilful, it often had a great amount of poisonous methanol in it. Since the methanol is very dangerous, there were some cases of permanent blindness and even deaths caused by the usage of Poteen.

It got its name by the Irish diminutive of the word pota which means the pot. Naturally, this name came from the equipment used for its distilling since it was done in small homemade pot stills.

The raw materials for distilling the Poteen were various. Mostly, it was made out of whey, potatoes, malted barley or grain. The distilling process was often repeated three or four times to achieve the wanted strength.

As it was illegal for a very long time, its production was carried out in the rural parts of the country. Before the bottled gas, the fuel for heating the stills was turf and as it creates a lot of smoke that reveals the position of the distillery, the illegal distillers used to carry out the process on windy days.

The ban for all unlicensed distilling that included the Poteen was in act from 1661 to 1997, when this beverage was finally approved for distilling in Ireland. Nowadays, it is acknowledged by the EU regulations and there are 2 distilleries in the Ireland that are producing this spirit. Still, one of them makes it with a lot lower concentration of alcohol, so this Poteen is pretty much similar to vodka. The other, however produces the traditional Poteen and their products have 60% to 90% of alcohol.

Nowadays, you can buy Poteen online as well as in the specialized liquor stores. It is not as dangerous as it once was since the distilling is regulated. Still, there are some areas where it is still being distilled in little home distilleries, mainly for the private usage.

It is often used to heat up the muscles by rubbing it in, and many farmers use it to cure the cattle. Also, there are some who are using it as a cheap alcohol for drinking, but those cases are pretty rare nowadays.

In any case, this drink can be drunk stiff but it can also be used in various cocktails. Its high concentration of alcohol guarantees strong effect on the consumer so if you need something to shake your bones, order Poteen online and try the stiffest drink of them all.

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