Buy Sambuca Online at CompareTheDrinks.comSambuca is a very specific drink made out of pure alcohol and spices. It has a very heavy taste and it is very spicy and sweet. Originally, it was made in Italy inthe region of Chivitavecchia and it had spread from there all over the world. It is especially popular in the mediterranean countries and it is served in many caffees and restaurants.

It has four basic varieties and each of themn is pretty much made the same way. The classic Sambuca is transparent and it usually has the capability of making the ouzo effect when mixed with water. This feature makes it pretty handy for various cocktails.

There are also two other types of this cocktail and the bright red one is called Red Sambuca and the deep blue version is named the Black Sambuca. The colour differs because of the different spices added in it. 

There are some disputes about the origin of its name. According to Molinari, the world’s greatest Sambuca producer, the name comes from the Arabic word Zammut. This name was used for a specific anise flavoured beverage that was imported in Italy. According to the Oxford Dictionary the name was derived from the Latin word sambucus. This is the name of the plant better known as elderberry and it is also used in making the Sambuca. All in all, both of these presumptions have some valid grounds and it is uncertain which of these two statements is true.

The Sambuca is a liqueur so it means that it isn’t distilled in a classic way. It is made with pure distilled alcohol, a portion of sugar and aromatic essential oils form the anise, liquorice, star anise and other spices. So, since the very essence of the aroma these plants possess is used, the final product has a pretty strong taste. On the quantity of essential oils and the plants used in production depends pretty much the taste Sambuca will have.

In any case, the liqueur made this way is very strong and aromatic and some people need to develop a taste for it. Still, for all of those who like aromatic drinks this is one of the favourite beverages. Since it is very sweet, it can easily deceive and you may end up pretty drunk if you are not careful with it. It shows effects pretty quickly and since it is very sweet the effect can last pretty long. 

In order to improve its aroma, it is usually served in small glasses with three beans of coffee and in this way it can be quite tempting. 

It can be found in some specialized shops, but still, the best way of obtaining it is to buy Sambuca online. Online purchases leave a lot more room to choose and since this is not one of the mainstream beverages, the choice will be much better if you buy Sambuca online. In any case, the satisfaction should be complete if you make the right choice, and you can additionally save some money if you buy Sambuca online.

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