Buy Rum Online at CompareTheDrinks.comRum is one of the most popular and most exotic beverages in the whole world. It is used in many ways and most of the best cocktails in the world are impossible to imagine without using it. It is also known as the favourite drink of the sailors and pirates, so it really has an interesting history and a touch of exotic and danger attached to its reputation.


Basically, it can be divided in several groups. It can be overproof, spiced, white or flavoured. Still, all of the variants have the same basic raw material as a common background. Namely, they are all distilled from the sugar cane and it provides a completely different flavour than any other raw material.

When you are thinking to buy room online, you are on the right track, since this way is pretty much cheaper and provides better options than in specialized liquor stores. If you buy rum online, it also saves you some time, as there is no need to go anywhere. It is delivered to your very doorstep and it is a pretty handy feature of this method.

For all cocktail lovers, the rum is simply an essential ingredient that needs to be used pretty frequently. The white rum is one of the most common ingredients as its taste is rather light and fresh. Since it has a very short distilling process and is bottled almost immediately as it is produced, it gives it a pretty neutral features that are ideal for combining with almost any other liquor. So, if you wish to make some of those delicious cocktails, simply buy white rum online and start having some fun. If you wish to choose between many brands of this beverage, it is best to buy white rum online.

Overproof rum is a bit stronger than other types and it is ideal if you like your drink stiff. It is hitting just the right spot, but in fact it is too strong for some people, so it is also pretty often used as a component for various cocktails. One of the most often usages for an overproof rum is to pour it in your tea. This combination is a real bombshell and it will help against any kind of cold. So, you may buy overproof rum online and have it as a part of your home pharmacy as well.

Spiced and flavoured rums are quite interesting as their aroma may vary. It depends on the herbs and spices added to them. The main difference is that with spiced rums, the spices are mostly added before distilling and with flavoured rums the spices are added during the aging process. Still, they are both pretty neat and pretty exciting. If you decide to buy flavoured rum online ort to buy spiced rum online, you can choose from a wide variety of brands and mixtures.

All of the brands and types have some specific features so the online buying is the best option available. It allows you to choose between incredibly different brands and types without going anywhere from your home. So, if you decide to buy overproof rum online or you are more in to buying flavoured or spiced rum online, you will have all of the options and price ranges well covered.

  • Brands
    • Admiral Rodney
    • Angostura
    • Appleton
    • Bacardi
    • Barbancourt
    • Black Tot
    • Brugal
    • Bundaberg
    • Captain Morgan
    • Cayo Grande Club
    • Chairmans Reserve
    • Clarkes Court
    • Clement
    • Diplomatico
    • El Dorado
    • English Harbour
    • Flor de Cana
    • Green Island
    • Havana Club
    • Inner Circle
    • J Bally
    • Kraken
    • La Hechicera
    • Lambs
    • Malibu
    • Matusalem
    • Morgans
    • Mount Gay
    • Mount Gay Rum
    • Mount Gilboa
    • Myers
    • New Grove
    • Pampero
    • Pussers
    • Pyrat
    • R L Seales
    • Red Leg
    • Ron Atlantico
    • Ron Barcelo
    • Ron Botran
    • Ron de Jeremy
    • Ron Millonario
    • Ron Zacapa
    • Rumshak
    • Santa Teresa
    • St Aubin
    • St Nicholas Abbey
    • Stroh
    • Takamaka
    • Toz
    • Westerhall
    • Woods
    • Wray and Nephew
    • Zuidam

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