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How to buy?

1. Enter your details and product requirements - you only need to do this once. The website searches its listings of relevant companies and lists the ones that offer the product you're looking for. This usually takes a few seconds.  The information can be arranged in order of importance to you, and this is usually done on price.

2. For more information or to buy a particular product, just click the accompanying link. This will either take to the provider's own website or let you buy then and there.

3. You may have certain criteria in mind when you're looking for a particular product, such as the price, size or the special features included. A comparison website makes it quick and easy to leave out the options that aren't right for you – and show the ones that are. Even if you are not happy with the product shown you can click on “show me an alternative” which will show you the nearest alternative to the drink you have chosen.