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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is this site different to other price comparison sites?

A. There are three main differences between this site and many other price comparison sites:-

 Firstly is that we cover a much larger range of retailers/merchants.

Secondly is that the price information we show comes direct from the retailer's own site to ensure it is up to date.

Lastly, this site has the most in depth and largest search criteria of any price comparison, we ensure our customer can compare drinks in more than 4 different ways at any one time.

Q. How do I search for a title?

A. Simply type part of the name in the search box on the right hand side and click the “Go” button. Then click on the title you're interested in from the search results.

Q. Can you include other retailers?

A. Yes - please email us and let us know who they are. It would be helpful if you also email the retailer asking them about getting a listing on our site.

Q. I think there is an incorrect price, what should I do?

A. Please email us at once and let us know EXACTLY which Drink it is and which retailer's price seems to be incorrect. We shall notify the merchant promptly.

QWho do I contact with a question about my purchase or order?

A: Whiskysupermarket.com is not directly responsible for any products bought through any of the suppliers featured on our site. We don't have a record of your transaction, so if you have any queries relating to your purchases we suggest contacting the supplier directly via their website. If you can't remember which supplier you purchased from, checking your credit card statement or re-entering your search will sometimes serve as a reminder.

QWhat is Whiskysupermarket.com?
A: Whiskysupermarket.com is a new kind of Search Engine. We are not a retailer, and we don't actually sell anything. Instead, we present you with the best bargains from hundreds of different sources, all in one place.

QWhich sites do you search?

A: Our goal is to provide comprehensive coverage of the domains we cover. To that end, we are continually adding more sites to our search.

Q: Will Whiskysupermarket.com work in any web browser? 

A: To date, we have tested using Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox on PCs, and Mozilla Firefox on Macs. While we haven't done anything to be incompatible with other web browsers, we have not tested in other environments. Javascript and Cookies must be enabled for our site to work properly.

Q: Does Comparethedrinks guarantee that it will find the lowest prices and other least expensive products?
A: Comparethedrinks searches hundreds of sites to find you outstanding deals. Comparethedrinks cannot guarantee to find the best price every time, but we work very hard to make sure that we get you the best deal and keep you coming back to us.